Daniel: Agent of Change

Living in an unbelieving culture, Daniel lived for God

Daniel: Agent of Change Sermon Series

Daniel was an agent of change. Living in an anti-God and unbelieving culture he lived for God both in secret and before powerful people. His faith, commitment and discipline brought about transformation in Babylon.

There is so much to learn from the way Daniel lived and worked in this world, when running away looked far more appealing. The way that he and his friends remained faithful is of great challenge, inspiration and encouragement.

God used Daniel to reveal mysteries then and now and God continues to speak through Daniel's dreams in the last days.

Listen in to the messages and learn how we can become Agents of Change wherever God has placed us.

week 1 // Home is where the heart is

week 2 // Revealer of mysteries

week 3 // Images, Fires and dreams

week 4 // another dream

week 5 // Kingdom Work