Connecting in Prayer

Mid-Week Connect and Prayer Groups

BTC Times of Prayer

In order to help our church family connect with God and each other, the following online prayer times have been set up during the Covid-19 pandemic. Those interested in participating in the online prayer times should contact the group host/leader or email the church at  [email protected]

The two larger group prayer times:

Thursday 6am - Host: Pr Jonathan

Friday 8:15pm – Host: Pr William


Connection Prayer Times 

These are smaller prayer groups allowing for greater personal interaction as we connect with God and each other:


7:15pm Mondays - Host: Ann O'Connor

7amTuesdays – Host: Nana Bello

8:30pm Tuesdays – Host: Seyi Odunfa

8pm Wednedays - Host: Kevin Aldridge

8pm Wednesdays – Host Yemi Odunfa 

9am Saturday – Host: Gail Horner