Jesus: the early days

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Our current teaching series: Flame, Fusion & Fortitude

Here at BTC Kids we know that when families can talk about what we are learning on a Sunday morning it makes all the difference! Our team is committed to walking with families to help our younger members connect with God's word and see change in their daily lives.

Jesus: the early days

In the first half term of 2021, as England remains in lockdown, we will continue with BTC Kids Online, which will feature a short teaching from a member of our team every week, just like the children would have enjoyed had we been meeting together. Please visit back here every Sunday for the link to the next teaching session.

With the added pressure on parents who are currently supervising online learning while schools are shut, we don't want anyone to feel that Sunday is another school day! But we do know that children learn so much when their parents and carers share their faith, the things God is doing and has done in their lives, and testimonies from their own journey. So we hope that our current series will give lots of opportunities for easy conversations about Jesus as your family gathers together.

From Sunday 10 January we will be looking at our new series all about Jesus and the early days of his life and his ministry. There is so much to find out! At the end of each of our BTC Kids Online videos you will find some questions that you might like to discuss as a family - please do pause the video at this point and chat about what you think. Other questions you could chat about could be:

  • who was your favourite character in today's story, and why?
  • what did you learn about God from today's story?
  • did you feel anything in your heart while you were listening to the story today?
  • what might you want to change in your life as a result of hearing today's story?

If we were meeting in person in church we would usually be chatting through these kinds of questions with the children over snacks and drinks - feel free to do the same!

Other ways to engage with the teaching this month that we hope wouldn't feel like homeschool might be:

  • can you act out today's story together?
  • can you write one word or draw one thing that you feel will remind you of the message of the Bible story this week?
  • can you think of a one line prayer that you can pray every day this week to help you connect with God on something you learned from the story?

We hope you enjoy thinking about Jesus' early days!

Sunday 10 January

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Sunday 17 January

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Sunday 24 January

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Sunday 31 January

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Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

BTC Kids: Online - Sunday 17th January 2021