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Our current teaching series: Flame, Fusion & Fortitude

Here at BTC Kids we know that when families can talk about what we are learning on a Sunday morning it makes all the difference! Our team is committed to walking with families to help our younger members connect with God's word and see change in their daily lives.

very important people

With children at primary school having had their last day at school on Friday 20 March, there will be a whole host of big feelings with the COVID-19 situation having a huge impact on their lives.

As you parent your children through these turbulent days, you may find this article from Premier's Youth & Children's Work a helpful read.

We have now launched BTC Kids Online, which will feature a short teaching from a member of our team every week, just like the children would have enjoyed had we been meeting together. Please visit back here every Sunday for the link to the next teaching session, and then enjoy the extra resources and activities that will enable the children to think more about how they can follow God's word in their lives.

Our series for July is all about Very Important People, helping us think about who is important, why and how we should treat them.

This series of teaching also includes worship from our worship team on each video.

Sunday 12 July: Week 1

Please watch BTC Kids Online before you look through these activities to help you think more about our teaching today!

  • Can you have a show and tell session with your family today where everyone finds a precious object like Claire did in the video? Don't forget to share why it is special and how you like to look after it.
  • Can you decorate a household mirror with post it notes written with affirming words about yourself, to remind yourself that God values you every time you look at yourself?
  • Can you make a poster of our memory verse for this series and put it up somewhere to help you learn it? Peter 2:17 - Honour all people, love your brothers and sisters in Christ, have great respect for God.
  • Can you make a plan to look after yourself this week? Think about something you could do to be kind to yourself physically (a big cuddle, a lovely bath, doing some exercise), emotionally (taking time to talk to your parents and carers, celebrating something kind you have done, making a list of things people appreciate about you), and spiritually (listening to some worship music, reading Bible stories, having your parents pray for you) - what would be a treat for you to look after your physical, emotional and spiritual health?

Sunday 19 July: Week 2

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online.

  • Can you have a show and tell session with your family today where everyone shares a photo or memory of a special person like Gail did in the video? Don't forget to share why your person is so important to you.
  • Can you write a thank you letter to one of the people who is really special to you to let them know how they make a difference to your life?
  • Can you think of a way to honour your parents this week? Try to think of three things you can do over the week to show how important they are to you.
  • Can you pray blessings on some of the people who are important to you? You could play prayer balloons if you have them - writing names of people on balloons and trying to keep them in the air - every time you hit a balloon or one hits the floor, pray for that person. Or if you have space you could play prayer islands - put cushions on the floor and think of a person for every cushion and jump between cushions saying a prayer on each one for that person. What other fun ways could you think of to pray for people this week?

Sunday 26 July: Week 3:

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online.

  • Can you have a show and tell session with your family today where everyone shares their favourite Bible story like Yomi did in the video? Don't forget to share why this is special to you and what it reminds you about God.
  • Can you make a plan to spend some time with God this week - maybe you can organise a family praise party or choose a time to read Bible stories to each other with special drinks or snacks. Maybe you could choose a section of the Bible and read a little every day.
  • Can you write or have someone help you write a letter to God explaining how you feel about him - this can sometimes be easier than saying our words out loud and might make a change for you and give you a new way to connect with him this week!

BTC Kids Online 12 July 2020