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Our current teaching series: Flame, Fusion & Fortitude

Here at BTC Kids we know that when families can talk about what we are learning on a Sunday morning it makes all the difference! Our team is committed to walking with families to help our younger members connect with God's word and see change in their daily lives.

Super Friend

We have now launched BTC Kids Online, which will feature a short teaching from a member of our team every week, just like the children would have enjoyed had we been meeting together. Please visit back here every Sunday for the link to the next teaching session, and then enjoy the extra resources and activities that will enable the children to think more about how they can follow God's word in their lives.

Our series for the summer holidays is based from the book of Proverbs, and helps us think about how to be Super Friends, ahead of the return to school in September. We have a full programme for our families this summer including activity videos and zoom call challenges every week which will support the weekly teaching videos and our regular attending families will have received additional information about this over email. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to find out more about how to get involved with our extra activities during the holidays.

Sunday 2 August: Wisdom

Please watch BTC Kids Online before you look through these activities to help you think more about our teaching today!

  • Can you start writing down the memory verses from our teaching in the notebook from your goodie bag? Maybe you can make posters every week to help you learn these verses and increase your wisdom!
  • Can you think of somebody who is a good role model to you in godly wisdom or who helps you learn more about God's wisdom? Can you thank them, spend time with them, message them, video call them this week and have a chat?

Sunday 9 August: Friendship

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online this week.

  • During this week can you make a fruit salad with your family, thinking about the different friends you have in your life? Everyone can share about the different friends they have as they mix the fruits together and the qualities that your different friends have that make them super friends to you. Enjoy the sweet taste of friendship as you enjoy your snack! You might like to think about whether you would put rotten fruit in your fruit salad to help you think about why it is important to choose good friends and pray about the people we choose to spend time with.
  • Can you write a prayer of blessing and then choose a different friend every week and pray a blessing over them? Your parents and carers might be able to help you to think of some great blessings that you can include.

Sunday 16 August: Kindness

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online this week.

  • Can you write out the memory verses on a piece of paper and then make a puzzle out of these by cutting the paper up and challenging someone in your family to put the pieces back together again?
  • Can you make a traffic light this week to remind you to stop and think about the words and tone that you are using?
  • Can you remind yourself of the memory verse by eating honey this week? Maybe on porridge, on ice cream, with yogurt, on toast or you could even find a recipe with honey to bake?

Sunday 23 August: Honesty

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online this week.

  • Can your spend this week reading Bible stories to help you see how God's people THINK before they speak? You will find examples of being honest and sticking to God's values in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Can you make a poster reminding you to THINK before you speak? (True, Honest, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind)

Sunday 30 August: Gossip

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online this week.

  • Can you play a memory verse game this week by using balloons or cushions to help you learn? Maybe you could set up some cushions to make a path through your home and every time you land on one you can say one of the memory verses? Or you could try to keep balloons in the air and every time you bounce a balloon you can say a word of the verse?
  • Can you use one of the paper plates from your goodie bag to write things that are ok to say about somebody on one side and things that would be gossip on the other to remind yourself not to say things behind someone's back? (You will need the other plates for the zoom call!)

Sunday 6 September: Anger

Please visit back to watch BTC Kids Online this week.

  • Can you read over all the memory verses you have written in your notebook and then see how many you can remember without looking?
  • Can you make a plan of a few things you can do to be a Super Friend now you are back at school? Think honestly about how it has been and what you might find difficult. What is God showing you about how to be a Super Friend in your class? Think about how your friends are finding the changes and think about the things you have learned this summer. Can you think of three things you are going to try to do to be a Super Friend this term? You can pick a characteristic or a friend - it's always helpful to have a plan!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

BTC Kids 2 August 2020