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our current teaching series: Flame, Fusion & Fortitude

Here at BTC Kids we know that when families can talk about what we are learning on a Sunday morning it makes all the difference! Our team is committed to walking with families to help our younger members connect with God's word and see change in their daily lives.


This February our Flame, Fusion and Fortitude children will be exploring the story of Joseph.

The Bible is not a series of disconnected stories – it has a story of redemption running through and so much of the Old Testament points us towards the one who is coming - Jesus! In the DREAMER series, we will be looking at the story of Joseph to pick out four important life lessons that can help kids today!

WEEK 1 - 3rd February - we are going to think about all the plans that people might have for our lives, but remember that God always has the best plan for us. When Joseph had his dreams, he was shown only the last page in a very long story and did not know the path he would have to travel to get to that ending – but he followed God all the way through – which is exactly what we need to do.

Our verse this week is Jeremiah 29:11

WEEK 2 - 10th February - we are going to look at how Joseph never let the problems in his life turn him away from God. Even though Joseph had some really bad times, he held onto the truth that God would never fail or abandon him, and we can hold on to the same God who will never fail or abandon us.

Our verse this week is Matthew 28:20

WEEK 3 - 17th February - we are going to consider that even in his worst times, Joseph noticed, cared for and helped other people. We are going to remember that Jesus helps us in our worst times, and that we can be like Joseph, and notice, care for and help others, just as Jesus does for us.

Our verse this week is John 13:35

WEEK 4 - 24th February - we are going to remember that Joseph did something pretty amazing for the brothers who threw him into a pit and sold him to Egypt as a slave - and that Jesus did something pretty amazing for us when he forgave our sins. How can we learn from Joseph and be forgiving people?

Our verse this week is Ephesians 4:32

We would love to see you join us in learning from a DREAMER this February in BTC Kids!