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Our current teaching series: Foundations

Here at BTC Kids Foundations we love serving families with littler children to help them to find Jesus in their every day lives!

everybody's welcome

With the current COVID-19 situation meaning that family routines are looking different for our preschoolers, toddlers and babies, we are using their usual teaching material to give stability at this strange time, and hope that you will be able to engage with your little ones with some of the ideas below.

We have now launched BTC Kids Foundations Online, which will feature a short talk from a member of our team every week, just like the children would have enjoyed had we been meeting together. Please visit back here every Sunday for the link to the next session, and then enjoy the Bible Adventure video which the children watch as part of our Foundations sessions, before trying out the extra ideas and activities that will reinforce the teaching points from the session.

Our series for June is: God's Good News, which helps the children understand that the Bible is God's true story, which tells us that God made us to be his friends. It shows us that we can learn from Bible truth to know God and his love for us.

The Bible Adventure video for this unit of teaching can be watched every week after BTC Kids Foundations Online session. This video is the key part of the teaching and includes the story, memory verse and praise songs.

Sunday 5 July: Week 1

Please watch BTC Kids Foundations Online for 5 July before you watch the Bible Adventure video and enjoy these activities today!

  • This week can you make a special welcome "mat" that you could put by the door of your home to remind everyone who comes in that they are welcome - to your home, and to the family of God? You could make a picture, a collage, a card... what ideas do you have?
  • Can you surprise everyone in your family today with a hug and tell them "God welcomes you into his family" when they least expect it?
  • Can you make a poster of our memory verse for this unit, to help you learn it during the month? You might like to decorate it with drawings or stickers. The verse is 1 Timothy 3:15: The family of God is the church.

Sunday 12 July: Week 2

Please watch BTC Foundations: Online for 12th July before you do the following activities.

  • This week can you colour in a map of the world to think about all the people who are part of God's family? You can find one to print here, and you can see the names of all the countries here.
  • Can you and your family learn some fun facts about another country in the world this week? You might like to try learning a word of their language, or making a recipe from that country? You might have family or friends living in another country - maybe you can ask them some questions! Can you pray for people in another country this week?
  • Can you read some Bible stories this week about different people? There are so many different people in the Bible who remind us that everyone is welcome in God's family!

Sunday 19 July: Week 3

Please visit back on or after 19 July for the BTC Kids Foundations Online video.

  • This week can you see if you can do some of the jigsaws you have at home to remind yourself of today's teaching point?
  • Can you make your own jigsaw by drawing a colourful picture and then cutting it into pieces to put back together again?
  • If you can go to a park or in the garden this week, perhaps you can play a chasing game with your family - every time you catch someone can you say "Jesus welcomes you" and then add their name?

Sunday 26 July: Week 4

Please visit back on or after 26 July for the BTC Kids Foundations Online video.

  • This week can you draw yourself - we call this a self-portrait - and either write or have an adult or older sibling write "God Welcomes" and then add your name, to remind yourself that you are welcome in God's family?
  • Can you make a God welcomes you card for a friend or family member you can't see at the moment? Maybe you can post this or take a photograph and message them.
  • This week, try to remember some of your Foundations friends and pray for them, that they would know they are welcome in God's family. Maybe you can send photographs of yourself to your Foundations friends to remind each other to pray!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

BTC Kids Foundations Online 12th July 2020