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Here at BTC Kids Foundations we love serving families with littler children to help them to find Jesus in their every day lives!

two by two

This summer our Foundations children will be looking at the story of Noah and his ark to help us explore the theme of obedience. We are going to use the example of Noah to see that obedience shows you love God and belong to him.

Our TWO BY TWO series will see the children learning that God will give us the power to obey our parents and leaders, and that God blesses obedience by protecting our hearts, helping us do a good job, and giving us a long life with him.

Each session will give our under 5s the chance to engage in some themed craft and activities and to review this Bible story in a fresh and relevant way.

We thoroughly recommend that families recap the story using the Bible for Kids app which is easily downloadable for free, and will really help the children this age to learn the story and the truths it can bring to their lives.

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash