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A servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ

Sermon Series

The book of James is a condensed, straightforward presentation of how Christians should live and conduct themselves in any age. 

Filled with practical examples, James draws from some of the wisdom found in Proverbs and from Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. His goal is to help believers love and obey God with words and actions that match, so that our lives can be made whole.

With topics covered such as showing favouritism, words, wealth, hardships and love; expect this book of James to encourage and challenge us to daily live out our Christian faith.

Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 10am for our service of worship and hearing a Bible message from the Word of God. Everyone welcome!

james | part 1 | introduction to james | jonathan mcgill

james | part 2 | trials, hardships and temptations | jonathan mcgill

Maturity: Learning to Rely on God | William McCann

james | part 3 | listening and acting | jonathan mcgill

james | part 4 | favouritism | jonathan mcgill

james | part 5 | let your light shine out | jonathan mcgill