Sunday Live

Sunday Services at the building

Live at Bromley Town Church

Please join us for our Live Services at the building.


Scroll down for details and to book your seats.

Booking for the following week opens Sundays, 1pm and closes Thursday, 9pm.

What can I expect?

  • Everyone will receive a warm BTC welcome.
  • We will be coming together as God's family to express our praise & worship to Him, and to hear a message from the Word of God.
  • We will be serving one another in different ways.

So what's changed?

  • Each household group will need to book their seats during the week before each service as numbers are going to be limited. You must book a seat for every adult and child who is coming with you.
  • You will be guided to your seats that are safely spaced out in the hall.
  • We won't be singing but will express our worship in other ways. 
  • Children will remain in the service with their parents.
  • The services will last one hour.
  • Everyone will be asked to bring their own face covering, hand sanitiser, and a drink if needed.
  • At the end of the service, everyone will need to leave the building promptly. Please remain in your seats and wait for the stewards to guide you to the exit at the side of the hall. Upon leaving the church premises, you have the option to head into town or to the park to continue conversations in smaller numbers.

What if I try to book seats but they are already taken? Firstly, we are so sorry for anyone disappointed. Please understand we have to ensure we follow the safety guidelines which means limiting the number of people in the building at any one time. Secondly, please do email the Church Office and let us know. We can help you with booking for the following week.

What if I turn up and haven't booked a seat? Unfortunately, you won't be allowed to stay this time. If booking online is difficult for anyone, they can email, or telephone the Church Office on 0203 795 6950 to leave a message, and we will try to assist with booking.

Please DO NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, particularly if you have a temperature, a new cough, and/or a loss of sense of smell and taste.

Please also notify the Church Office immediately if you start showing any of the above symptoms after attending a live service at Bromley Town Church.