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The Patriarchs

Sermon Series

The Patriarchs

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are known as the Patriarchs as they are founding fathers of our faith.

We are going to look at their lives, the interaction they had with God and their own personal issues. We will see that they were ordinary human beings with strengths and weaknesses as well as being people who God used.

Come and join us this May on Sunday mornings. Our service starts at 10am.

rebulding of hope | william mccann

the patriarchs | part 7 | concluding thoughts | william mccann

the patriarchs | part 6 | jacob ii | william mccann

the patriarchs | part 5 | jacob | jonathan mcgill

the patriarchs | Part 4 | isaac: the 2nd witness | William mccann

the patriarchs | part 3 | abraham and the covenant | jonathan mcgill

the patriarchs | part 2 | abraham and the covenant | Jonathan mcgill

the patriarchs | part 1 | God's purpose and activity | william mccann